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Welcome to the boudoir where I show some of my explicit works.

Like most of painters from all times, erotism was a mandatory stage for me since I am obsessed by human figure and as a writer I worked a lot on female desire. Erotism is not for me about nudity but the line between veiled and unveiled, tender and raw, real and fantasized.

In 2016 I showed erotic miniatures hidden in jewelry boxes in Boston (at the Liquid Art House), a project I called Bijoux Indiscrets (Indiscreet jewels), as a tribute to Diderot’s erotic and anonymous novel. In 2020 I released a book gathering all the miniatures and other erotic pieces I’ve done since then, accompanied with texts written by famous authors. An exhibition of my new boxes was planed at Un Regard Moderne, a legendary book store in Paris, in 2020, but is postponed due to the sanitary situation. Here is a selection of this work. Message me if you wand a copy of the book or contact Un Regard Moderne.