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Iris Braun

This was a first for both of us. I eventually conducted my first child interview as usual and Iris did her best to answer my odd questions – that she found SO HARD, her mother told me afterwards – and behaved just like any grown-up. That is : shy first, more talkative midway, and after 30 minutes, looking forward to the end. When I met Iris she still had a chubby, cuddly figure. At 6 she has become a big girl. Watching her growing up so fast, I wanted to freeze her incredibly beauty, pure wildness and guileless candor. It is impossible to not be drawn by these two gigantic bronze puddles that are her eyes. Iris is the youngest of 3 girls. She gave to her sisters Clara and Vivian the impenetrable nicknames Gaga and Bud. “To be the youngest is annoying sometimes because I can not do what I want to do, when we have to go pick up my sister from her guitar lesson or so… But sometimes, I like it. “ For example, every time Bud agrees to play the mother when Iris and her best friend Lexi play family. To be fair, Iris also needs to be picked up, from tennis or ballet by the way. Stupidly I asked if she liked ballet because of the tutu or the pink slippers. With a kind but dismayed smile, she shakes her head and says : “I like it because it doesn’t hurt.” Good reason… Then I felt allowed to raise my level and talk about life. Future is a shifting landscape and her career dreams change regularly since she has “no plans for her whole life”.  For the moment, she enjoys her busy life, riding her scooter, savoring carbonara pasta or strawberry ice cream, and most of all, writing and illustrating stories. Instantly this blond elf in underwear, a girly version of Mowgli, jumps out of the room and comes back holding a stack of paper covered with her unsteady writing and colorful drawings. I had met a colleague. AG