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Gloria Cocuzzo

Anyone who doesn’t know Gloria (here, in Brookline, MA), never shops for groceries at Trader Joe’s. In the crowded store aisles, you can’t avoid her “elegxtravagant” outfits, matching her make-up and jewels with her colorful flowered shirts, giving everyone a kind word and a smile, if not a bunch of flowers or some gummy bears. Speak with ANY mother and you would hear : “OMG, Gloria is in love with my child !” The truth is that Gloria genuinely loves all of our kids. “I love people, that’s why I love my job. I lose myself with others,” says this pure local girl whose zesty coquetry can be credited to her Italian blood. On her days off, she baby-sits her five lucky grand-children. And… That’s it. Gloria doesn’t like talking about herself. What she wants is to advertise a fundraising event, on the 2nd of August, in front of Trader Joe’s on Beacon St. Gloria has made 150 of her creative speciality, pots of flower pens. Buy one for $10 and you will help Richi, a 7-year-old superhero battling brain cancer, to open the first Richi House in Boston area. This project envisions building a place where kids with cancer, survivors and their families will have a bright, relaxing and safe environment with lots of entertainment, where kids can rediscover their childhoods for a while, where families meet other families and share their experiences. With tears blurring her beautiful blue eyes, Gloria recounts that the second she met Richi, between the milk and the bread, she saw how special he was. She had to help him, besides loving him. So, now all together we can help many kids to flourish. By the way Gloria, I disagree with you : you don’t lose, you find yourself in others !!